Installation Crew Leader Mike Buonocore
Installation Crew Leader Mike Buonocore

Mike Buonocore

Installation Crew Leader
My love for outdoor activities such as mountain biking and skiing has sparked the fire inside of me to be more mindful about the environment. Seeing the change from when I was a child to now in what the world looks like, species of animals going extinct, and the snowpack seeming to be less and less each year put things into perspective. I would love to be able to ski deep powder and ride my bike on beautiful trails for the rest of my life as well as let all of the coming generations experience this as well. Some changes that I have made to help with this are riding my bike around town instead of driving, making mindful dietary changes, and cutting down on single use plastic products. 

I grew up on the East Coast, in Connecticut. My dad, my brothers and I would pack up the diesel Suburban and go up to Vermont just about every weekend to ski at Killington. After about 16 years of skiing in Vermont, I decided to make the move to Montana to ski bigger mountains and deeper snow(and trees that are further apart). 

From a very young age I raced BMX which laid the foundation for my favorite hobby which is mountain biking. My dad was the vice president at the local BMX track, and we traveled around the state of Connecticut in the summers so that I could race my bike. I am very thankful that my dad got me into that sport, because I would not have the passion for mountain biking that I have today if it wasn’t for him. 

I attended college at a small school in Vermont called Castleton University. There were just above 2,000 students which was right for me since the high school I attended in Connecticut was so small. This college was also close to Killington ski resort, which allowed me to go skiing and hang out with my dad on the weekends(and get free food not from the dining hall). I graduated with a degree in communications with a focus in public relations, and minored in business marketing. I think that this was a very useful combination of subjects to become well versed in since it can be used in so many different professions in life. 

I am very excited to begin work with OnSite Energy to make a difference in the world and go to work every day with like minded people who love to have fun. I strive to work hard and also make work a fun place for everyone to be.

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