Installer Thomas Burney
Installer Thomas Burney

Thomas Burney

Hailing from Oregon, Thomas attended Montana State University to pursue a mechanical engineering degree. He sought opportunities to understand how to develop environmentally friendly solutions through the Society of Automotive Engineers’ Clean Snowmobile Challenge. He developed an interest for the built environment in jobs in metal fabrication and construction. He most appreciated the jobs that made active attempts to mitigate waste and bring customers a final product they were excited about. One of the tenants of his post-grad job search was to find a company that was dedicated to minimizing environmental impact and working to improve peoples’ lives. 

At a trail running club function, Thomas met an OnSite Energy employee who told him about his work. After looking into the company, it was apparent that Thomas’ goals aligned with the work OnSite Energy does and pursued employment as a solar installer. He is excited to apply his construction skills in the renewable energy industry and hopes to fold in engineering design as he gains experience. 

In his free time, Thomas enjoys running, skiing, cooking, and biking.

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