OSE Featured in Installer Spotlight from SnapNrack


June 7, 2018

We use SnapNrack for the majority of our projects (both rooftop and ground mount), so it pretty much goes without saying that we are a big fan of their product. To hear what we appreciate most about their racking technology, check out their "Installer Spotlight" on us here. 

Here is an additional comment on SnapNrack from our Installation Manager, Sam Harladson, that didn't make it into the spotlight: "The forward-thinking engineering and design of their line of accessories is also worth a note. They have a great selection of purpose-built items designed not only with quality and longevity in mind but also takes into consideration the speed and efficiency which installers can deploy the equipment. In my relatively short tenure at the company I've seen them redesign and replace items with far superior versions, and when I talked to their representative at the SPI conference he was genuinely interested in hearing my thoughts and ideas."
SnapNrack Installer Spotlight
SnapNrack Installer Spotlight
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