Montana Region Solar Power | Lukas Ridgeway
Installation Technician Lukas Ridgeway
Installation Technician Lukas Ridgeway

Lukas Ridgeway

Installation Technician
Lukas’ interest in renewable energy began in 2022 when he decided to drop everything he had to pursue a solar sales career in California. Although he had no experience in sales or solar prior, he became infatuated with learning as much as he possibly could about the two industries. Unfortunately, the sales practice he had been using disputed with his own personal morals and beliefs, and slowly lost interest in the company. Lukas loved the idea of providing solar for the sake of fiscal and environmental health. He decided to start seeking a job locally, and stumbled upon OnSite Energy. Through multiple references from both clients and previous employees, he knew OnSite is where he wanted to be.

As of September 2022, Lukas has worked as an installer at OnSite. He continues to expand his knowledge in dreams of becoming a master at providing clean and sustainable energy to Montana.

Outside of work, you can find Lukas enjoying his time with the people around him. Sharing memories with like-minded people in an effort to always push his comfort zone is what he strives for.