Communications Director Nicola Laverack
Communications Director Nicola Laverack

Nicola Laverack

Communications Director
Nicola is a native New Englander who came to Montana as a wrangler on a horse ranch in 2007. Her interest in renewable energy was sparked during a permaculture design course she took while traveling after undergrad, which eventually led her to get her Masters degree in Environmental Studies at the University of Montana. During graduate school Nicola studied renewable energy policy, and was fortunate to work with local NGOs in support of making renewable energy more affordable and accessible to Montanans.

Outside of work, Nicola spends her time running around in the mountains with her husband, dog and horses.

Nicola's Credentials

  • M.S in Environmental Studies
    (University of Montana, 2016)
  • PV101: Solar Electric Design and Installation
    (Solar Energy International)