Montana Region Solar Power | Jesse Tuten
Warehouse Manager Jesse Tuten
Warehouse Manager Jesse Tuten

Jesse Tuten

Warehouse Manager
Studying mechanical engineering technology at Montana State University, Jesse was involved with a group of engineers introducing and designing solar powered bus stops for Bozeman - also know as the Solar Streamline Stops. He helped design and plan the bus stops that are lighted and heated all winter for skiers and public transportation goers via solar power. He choose engineering to make the outdoor recreational community a safer and more reliable venture. 
Growing up the Chicagoland area and seeing all the different ways society is trying to harvest renewable energy to keep up with demand sparked his interest in finding solutions to our current and future energy crisis. Joining the OnSite team has been very beneficial as learning how solar energy works and is supplied to the world will create a brighter future for everyone.

During the Summer, Jesse is an angler, backpacker, plays frolf and loves any live music opportunity he can find.  During the winter, Jesse enjoys skiing through powder fields, playing hockey and ice fishing.

  • B.S. Mechanical Engineering Technology
    (Montana State University, 2021)
  • Eagle Scout
    Boy Scouts of America, 2016
  • Two seasons solar installation with OnSite