Montana Region Solar Power | Roksana Adamczak
Accounting Manager Roksana Adamczak
Accounting Manager Roksana Adamczak

Roksana Adamczak

Accounting Manager
Roksana comes to OnSite Energy via Warsaw, Poland. She has worked in accounts payable, banking, treasury, and advisory for multinational real estate and construction companies. Roksana specializes in corporate finance and financial process improvements and is pleased to contribute to OnSite’s continued growth and development.

She views the renewable energy sector as one of the most important positive industries working for our planet’s wellbeing.

“It’s crucial that we take action now — go solar! — so each of us can do our duty to defend the environment,” she notes.

Roksana and her husband enjoy traveling, especially exploring new places and cuisines. She’s also an accomplished cook and baker (“Polish cuisine can be pretty complicated!”), has been known to go mushroom hunting in the fall, and loves to hike in Montana’s mesmerizing outdoors. Next up: She and her husband plan to bone up on their snowboarding.