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OnSite Energy installs over one megawatt of solar in 2018!


December 19, 2018

As 2018 comes to an end, our installation crew was able to put up the last few solar modules to get us over the 1 megawatt (mW) threshold. This is a significant achievement for a company of our size! Not only is it our highest volume per year to date, but sets us apart as the only solar contractor in the state to have installed a mW in a single year.

What is a mW anyways? A mW is a unit of power that is equal to one million watts, or one thousand kilowatts (kW). For reference, an average residential solar system in Bozeman ranges from 4 kW to 10 kW, and commercial systems range from 10 kW all the way up to 50 kW (which is currently the cap for net metered systems in Montana). According to a study from the Solar Energy Industries Association, the current national average of homes that can be powered by one mW of solar is 164. One mWh (one million watts of electrical power used for one hour) of solar also effectively avoids the carbon dioxide emissions equivalent of driving 1,824 miles and burning 814 pounds of coal.

None of this would be possible without the hard work, dedication, and overall efficiency of our incredible staff or the community's support of Montana's solar industry. As we wrap things up for this year, we are already looking forward to helping more homes and businesses 'go solar' in 2019. Cheers to the next mW!
The OnSite Energy crew celebrating the holidays and the one megawatt benchmark
The OnSite Energy crew celebrating the holidays and the one megawatt benchmark
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