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New Program Launch: Solar for Conservation


April 17, 2017

Local conservation organizations work hard to protect the watersheds, wildlife habitats and ranch lands that are the heart and soul of Montana. By powering our lives with clean, renewable energy, we can take the next step in protecting the ecological integrity of that land from the harmful effects of carbon emissions.

Over its 25-year lifetime, an average sized residential solar system will avoid the carbon dioxide emissions equivalent of burning 147,755 lbs of coal, which amounts to the carbon dioxide sequestered by 131 acres of US forest in one year, and 3,588 tree seedlings grown for 10 years. This is one of many examples of how choosing clean energy is choosing conservation! 

How does it work? OnSite Energy has partnered with local conservation organizations by offering a promotion to our customers where 1% of the total cost of their solar system can be donated to a participating conservation organization of their choice.

Solar for Conservation
Solar for Conservation
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