Montana Region Solar Power | Thomas "Goober" Dale
Foreman Thomas
Foreman Thomas "Goober" Dale

Thomas "Goober" Dale

Known by the ones who love him as “Goober,” this installer is one of kind. Goober will help fix your car for beer. It isn’t as if he needs the social delight of an adult beverage, but because he believes in the greater good of helping others out. This merit of his is a part of what makes him such a great addition to OnSite. Goober joined the team in June 2022, and he has quickly grown his skills throughout the installation department.

When Goober isn’t working atop high rooftops, you can find him enjoying the surroundings in the high alpine. He is a true rock and snow enthusiast who has great respect and admiration for the outdoors. Although Goober is a dirt bag pro, his life hasn’t always been devoted to crags and ski lifts. In 2017, Goober found an interest in Photovoltaic systems while studying Renewable Energy Technologies at Ivy Tech Community College.

If you were to ask Goober, “Why go with solar?” he will tell you that solar is more beneficial because it is increasingly accessible.

“Now-a-days, more people can afford their own rooftop system, making solar the winner in sustainability.”