Montana Region Solar Power | Gradyn Dowling
Apprentice Electrician Gradyn Dowling
Apprentice Electrician Gradyn Dowling

Gradyn Dowling

Apprentice Electrician
Moving to Montana to work for the Montana Conservation Corps, Gradyn has a strong passion for the outdoors and the peace and freedom it brings to our lives.  After a season of providing trail service for southwest Montana, his solar journey began in the following July of 2022, however, his curiosity for renewables began as a teenager.  Primarily in the form of wind energy, Gradyn was surrounded by renewable energy every day while growing up in central Iowa.

Outside of work, you can find Gradyn rock climbing in places like Homestake pass in Butte, or Indian Creek in Utah.  He also likes to hike, cross-country ski, and crochet some awesome mittens.